Saturday, 15 February 2014

[Sony Xperia Tablet Z SGP311] Lost ROOT after Android 4.3 upgrade

My Sony Xperia Tablet Z(Wifi Only - Model SGP311) lost ROOT after upgrading to Android 4.3.

However, the Vroot tool I shared in a previous post no longer works in Android 4.3.

The XDA link below helped me ROOT my tablet again.

I was confused about the prerequisite files required. After going through the entire thread, below is the list of files I used to successfully ROOT my Android 4.3 tablet.

1. Your tablet's bootloader should be unlocked. Please follow the official sony instructions here:

1. boot.img - Link:
2. flashtool(not to be confused with Sony's Emma Flashtool). - Link:
3. Android 4.3 ftf. - Link:



  1. cool i have been searching for this really long.... so does actually works? ... im really scared to break my tablet :( ...

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    2. es, it worked me. However, do make sure you fulfil the prequisites:
      1. Build no: 10.4.B.0.577
      2. You have unlocked your bootloader

    3. im sorry for the stupid questions but... how do i do that? ... sorry and thank you :D

  2. I followed the instructions at XDA below: